Block by Block Consulting


Founded: 2013

Co-Founded: Eric Kilbride and Raul Ratcliffe


Areas of expertise: 
Positive Youth Development, training, technical assistance and capacity building

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About Community YouthMapping

Back in 1992, Richard Murphy guided 2,100 youth in plotting some 7,000 resources in their New York City neighborhoods – everything from restaurants to youth programs – in an effort to help connect them with the adults around them.  Since then, Community YouthMapping (CYM) has had numerous iterations but positive youth development has remained at its core.

In the early 2000's, CYM documented and published a 10-step process that dozens of places had used to successfully implement the process regardless of the motivation to do so.  CYM is young people collecting information on places to go, things to do for young people children and families.  Sometimes young people also collect opinions of youth and adults about the resources in their community.  Sometimes young people observe their hyper-local environment and provide feedback to decision makers in their region.