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Community YouthMapping (CYM) is the mapping of resources, priority issues, partners and opportunities in the community.   Through this process youth learn how to collect, analyze, share and present data toward impacting outcomes.

​​​USAID: Promising Youth Development Strategy



Youth Engagement & Soft Skill Development


 “CYM changed my life.  Ten years ago, I was in and out of juvenile detention and my probation officer introduced me to a new project called CYM.  It changed my life.  I learned job skills, learned about GIS and how to get along with others.  After the project I got my GED, went to college and now work in GIS and maps."


Billy, now 26 year old

Anchorage, Alaska

There are many reasons communities implement get youth engaged in their community, to teach world of work skills, to solve local issues.  At the core are the positive youth development principles.

Maricopa County:


CYM in the News

 “Throughout CYM, I was surprised to    see how much respect was given to our opinions, our thoughts, and, more important, our needs. We were no longer  a bunch of losers that were forced to join technical education, but rather members of a group of young people that can really make a difference."

  Shaimaa, 17 year old girl

  Menia, Egypt

CYM has been implemented in more than 150 cities in the U.S. and more than a dozen countries around the world.  Some of our projects include...